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Cesare Emiliani's Human Era (HE) Calendar Reform Idea

Here are a few events in human history, starting Circa 1 HE...
See for yourself how Then was then, and Now is now...

This shows just a few dozen sample events. Our full HE Timeline eBook includes thousands of historical events organized using Emiliani's HE calendar reform idea. 

events in human history




Then Was Then, Now Is Now.
  • You can now recognize humanity's accomplishments since the beginning of the Human Era circa 12,000 years ago. 

  • Put history into a flowing context using Emiliani's fair-to-all Human Era calendar reform idea. 

  • You can even use our updated, improved HE calculator to convert your own research dates to the HE calendar.

Cesare Emiliani proposed the HE Calendar Reform Idea and died a few years after his proposal. He was the Italian-American scientist who founded Paleo Oceanography and Project "LOCO" (Long Cores) at the U.S. National Science Foundation. He wanted a calendar system with dates fair to all people, without bias based on color, sex, country, beliefs, or sensibility. The University of Miami Ricther Library houses Emiliani's archives. The Special Collections library assistant says this website and the HE Timeline eBooks give "meat and bones" to Emiliani's HE Calendar Reform idea.


Math and numbers? Ha! No worries when you use our fun, simple, free HE calculator / converter to see dates in a new contextYou’re in the Human Era Baby! You are part of the flow of wonderful human advancements! Choose to make the flow of time your own!

Holiday - Holocene

Intro to Emiliani's HE calendar reform idea

Intro to Emiliani's HE calendar reform idea
Intro to Emiliani's HE calendar reform idea
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When Time Became History - The Human Era
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A New History for Humanity โ€“ The Human Era
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Free and ad-Free Illustrated Human Era Timeline eBooks
Human Achievements, Advancements, Innovations, and Understanding in Science using
EMILIANI's HE calendar Reform Idea

or Visit Amazon to buy a paper copy or get Kindle version


Author / Compiler: 
Ruthie S. Premack

The Human Era eBook beginning at 1 HE

The Before Human Era eBook -
rom the Big Bang to the Stone Age

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