Cesare Emiliani's Holocene Era
HE Calendar Reform Idea

Why count time starting a mere 2,000 years ago? Humanity has been accomplishing great things since the beginning of the Holocene Era 12,000 years ago. Put history into a flowing context using Emiliani's Holocene Era calendar reform idea.
If you can say Holiday you can say Holocene. Holiday. Holocene.





Here are a few events in human history, starting at 1 HE.

This shows just a few dozen sample events. Our full HE Timeline eBook includes thousands of historical events organized using Emiliani's Holocene Era (HE) calendar reform idea. 


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View any online date automatically to the corresponding HE date!

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Want an idea of how this whole Holocene Era (HE) Calendar reform idea flows? Enjoy the Illustrated Holocene Era (HE) Timeline eBook! See how we stand on the shoulders of those who came before us. Numbering the passage of years with Emiliani's HE system puts events into a flowing historical context.


Math and numbers? Ha! No worries when you use our fun, simple, free HE calculator / converter to see dates in a new context.


You’re in the Holocene Era Baby! You are part of the flow of wonderful human advancements! Choose to make the flow of time your own!


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Illustrated Holocene Era Timeline eBook:
Human Achievements, Advancements, Innovations, and Understanding
in Science
using EMILIANI's HE calendar Reform Idea

Author / Compiler: 
Ruthie S. Premack

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